Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catching the Culprit, Finding a Hero

We need your help!

The owner of the dogs who attacked my wife and dog is still out there somewhere with some very dangerous animals.

Here is what we know:

He is a white male, mid 20s, thin-to-medium build, about 5'10". He may have been wearing Vans shoes.

His car is an older 4-door model, possibly red or black but we are unsure. We have no license plate information.

There were several people coming in and out of the PetSmart who witnessed these events, but none stayed to make themselves available to the police to provide any information.

Our hero disappeared as well.

We are offering a $1000 reward for information which leads to the correct identification and prosecution of the owner of these animals. If you have any leads, you can:

  • Call the Austin Police Department (311) in regard to case number 08-1281385
  • call us at 512-382-0002
  • email us at tx.paulm at gmail dot com
  • post a comment on this blog

Also, we are searching for our hero who saved Bailee and Leena. We must find him and thank him for risking himself my girls...more on him in a coming post...

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