Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What happened to Bailee and Leena

In the attack, Bailee receiver injuries to her neck, paws, back, groin, and near her rear end. About 25 stitches in all. You can see for yourself here:

Here is a picture of her underbelly, showing the gashes and the drainage tubes going into her leg and groin area:

She also received a number of stitches on her rear end about an inch from her anus, as well as several puncture wounds all over her body that did not require stitches. As you can see, she was very lucky she did not suffer major internal damage from this attack. Leena was also lucky as well for trying to step in between 150+lbs of dogs and Bailee. This was the worst of the bites she received:

Bailee spent most of the her days since the attack recovering. She has been on some pretty serious pain medication, but didn't really sleep until the 4th night. We had to keep a cold pack on her to keep the swelling down.
She has to go back to the vet soon to get her stitches out, and the prognosis for a full recovery is good. All in all, both Leena and Bailee were very lucky.

Poor Bailee...just stunned at what happened. She will recover from the shock luckily, but Leena will not forget this so soon, and neither will I.

I am thankful because it could have been so much worse for both of them. We are all very lucky.

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