Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 7, 2008: The Attack

On May 7, 2008 at approximately 3:00pm, my wife Leena Murray was walking through the parking lot of the Balcones Woods shopping center (183 and Balcones Woods in Austin, TX) towards the PetSmart, along with our border collie mix Bailee:

Leena noticed a car pulling into the parking lot with three tan dogs hanging their heads out of the rear window. All of a sudden, the dogs jumped out of the while it was still moving and attacked Bailee. Two of the dogs were pit bull mixes, and the third was a mixed breed of unknown type.

The dogs had on no collars or leashes, so it was impossible to subdue them and keep them from attacking Bailee. Leena tried to stop the fight, and was bitten in the process and scratched several times. To his credit, the owner of these animals tried to stop them but also failed because there was no way to control these vicious animals.

An unknown her (a tall man in a bandana) jumped into the fray and scooped up Bailee, handing her to my wife. Foolish as it was for both Leena and this man to interfere (these dogs could have turned on either of them in an instant), he saved our dog's life, he probably saved my wife from further injury, and did all this at no small risk to himself.

Leena ran into the animal hospital inside the store. When she came outside a few minutes later to call me, the owner of the three dogs had rounded them up and fled the scene.

No witnesses stayed behind when the Police arrived.

No security cameras.

Vague description of the owner.

No license plate.

And these dogs are still out there somewhere.

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