Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More media coverage: KXAN, KLBJ and 94.7FM

It would seem that posting this story on craigslist is paying off, despite the number of power tools out there who want to engage in a debate about dog breeds.

KXAN (the NBC affiliate in Austin) called today, came by the house for a taping and ran this story on Bailee and Leena on the 10 o'clock news just a few hours ago. Also, I taped an interview for the morning show on KLBJ 590 AM. It is running as a news piece on the morning updates. The more people who hear this story, read the posts and see the videos, the more likely we can encourage someone to come forward (I hope).

The KXAN piece is now on YouTube at this link, and can be seen here:

Leena is also doing a live interview this morning on the JB and Sandy morning show on 94.7


Ms. MO said...

Just heard you on JB & Sandy. I hope somebody comes forward who knows where this person lives. The radio show has found other "criminals", I'll keep my fingers crossed they find this "bad owner".

- Bailee is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I heard you on JB & Sandy this morning and just wanted to wish you luck in catching the irresponsible person and his dangerous dogs. My furbaby & I will keep you and your family in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

I hope they find this person and the vicious dogs that attacked you and Bailee. I'm so glad that you're both ok.

Bailee is so precious!

Dara & Doug said...

I heard you on the JB & Sandy show this morning. How horrible! One thing I was thinking though, how did the dogs get out the back window? For most cars, the back window only rolls down halfway. I know my 50 lb lab/border collie mixes can't get out of the back window without breaking them, which makes me wonder how a pit bull could. Anyway, it might be a clue on the car if the back windows were all the way down. In reading through your blog, think it's also curious how the guy didn't have collars on the dogs. Maybe it's nothing, but I always worry about my dogs, making sure they have their collars and tags on in case they get loose.

Please let us know when you find the guy.