Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rabies and the ticking clock

If we cannot find the owner by Saturday the 17th (10 days from the attack), then Leena will in all likelihood require rabies shots. This is both expensive and painful. If the dog owner were responsible enough to come forward and provide medical histories of his animals, this would, of course, be COMPLETELY unnecessary.

In a dog bite case, animals are usually quarantined for 10 days, because if they are still alive in that time, then they don't have rabies. Although the chances that Leena has rabies are extremely slim, it's quite dangerous. Rabies is almost always fatal if not treated, and detection in humans before it's too late is impossible.

This is the main thrust of the story on KVUE news. The video of the story can be found here. Thanks to Olga Campos and the KVUE team for running this story and helping try to find our missing dog owner.

Please help us save further pain and expense by finding the owner of these three dogs!


Anonymous said...

I hope you find the dogs soon!

Elizabeth said...

I listened to Leena on JB and Sandy this morning and as a fellow dog owner I nearly cried all the way to work. I hope that this man does the right thing and comes forward before it's too late.

Jennifer said...

I heard it on JB and Sandy as well...We had girls happy hour on Friday and we all had heard about it and it was the talk of the table. Talking helps keep the hope alive!